The simplest and most straightforward way we can all help, is by attending the events and programs offered at the Center. In doing so, we will be contributing to the efforts of the Center to promote and preserve our Hellenic culture and heritage. We can also help by encouraging our associations, clubs and other community organizations, to utilize the facilities of the Center for their activities and functions whenever possible. No less important of course, is our financial support, large or small, in maintaining the high level of artistic productions at the Center.

It is well known that the Cultural Center does not have an established regular source of income. Its operational and maintenance costs are generally covered by donors and contributors who believe in its noble purpose and ministry and by a small portion of the income from the various events. It is thus imperative that we all continue to stand by the Center providing our support and assistance. As it has already been mentioned the HCC is open daily, Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is a full time receptionist answering the phone and ready to provide assistance on most requests by the public. You can contact the HCC by phone at 718-626-5111 or via e-mail at