The purpose of the Hellenic Cultural Center is to promote and cultivate our Hellenic Cultural Tradition and Heritage by providing a venue to the Greek American Community for activities contributing to the promotion and continuance of our cultural, ethnic and religious identity.

To accomplish this goal the Center is available to organizations, as well as to individuals, who wish to prepare, organize and present various high quality events, such as musical and theatrical presentations, lectures, art exhibits as well as other types of community activities, beneficial to the public and which keep our Hellenic tradition alive and vibrant to be passed on to the future generations of Greek Americans.

It should be noted that over the years the Center has hosted many a professional level concert presentations, by musicians and groups from both Greece and the United States, as well as several book and art exhibits by various artists.

Included in the short term plans of the HCC is the improvement of its Bookstore facilities and the offering of free lessons in Byzantine music by Byzantine music masters and teachers. In addition the Center plans to avail its facilities for Greek dancing lessons to the public by professional dance teachers.